AGAN LAND CORPORATION started as a small low cost and socialised housing developer in Koronadal City (Mindanao, Philippines), going into a joint venture with the National Housing Authority in 1993 to plan, construct, and sell 331 houses in what would be known as the NHA Marville Homes. It was the very first socialized housing project in the whole province of South Cotabato, Philippines.

A year later on 19 April 1994, the company was incorporated under the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines (Registration No. DS-094-000107). To date, the privately held company has more than tripled its Authorized Capital Stock, and has grown to be the leading and most active Real Estate Developer in the SOCKSKARGEN (South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani, General Santos City) growth area.

AGAN LAND CORPORATION built its 6,000th housing unit in 2012, and the continued excellence in constructing these houses, together with the amenities and facilities within the subdivisions developed, has resulted in its acceptability in the market as the most reliable and sought after real estate developer in the provinces where it operates.


We are a highly successful and innovative company that provide shelter by developing residential subdivisions. We are leaders in land development, housing construction technologies, and in providing services that results in a recognizably unique customer satisfaction.

We are a growth and service oriented company, continuously expanding to meet demand for housing and residential lots.

We are known for quality homes that are affordable, lasting, and comfortable to live in.

Our employees grow personally as the company grows. Our work life is challenging and rewarding in a friendly atmosphere of teamwork and mutual respect.

We are a socially responsible company, and we work with and for the society we live in.

Mariano R. Ong Ante Jr. - Chief Executive Officer/ President
Mar continues to lead the company going into its third decade, having steered it into growth from a small firm to what it is today. He is a graduate of B.S. in Business Administration at the University of the East in Manila, Philippines.

Lelecita A. Ong Ante - Executive Vice President- Strategic Planning
Lelecita is the other force that lead to the company's unprecedented growth. She is in charge of plotting the direction of the company, making sure that everyone is in line and on line with the corporate mission. She graduated with a degree in A.B. Economics at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines.

Peter Linus A. Ong Ante - Executive Vice President - Operations & Admin
Peter is in charge of the whole operations of the company, making sure that everything works well together. He was responsible in streamlining operations, making the company more profitable while constructing affordable and quality built houses. He is a B.S. Economics graduate of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Philippines.

Pierre Lawrence A. Ong Ante - Executive Vice President - Finance
Pierre makes sure that the company works within budget and in line with its financial goal. He is a graduate of B.A. Humanities, specialising in Business Administration from the University of Asia and the Pacific, in Ortigas, Philippines.

Aurelio A. Madria Jr. - Chief Project Manager
Aurelio oversees the implementation of development plans, and the construction of all the projects by the company. His knowledge as a project manager is honed by more than 15 years of being the resident engineer in all of the projects that has been done. He is a certified Civil Engineer, having graduated from the Notre Dame of Marbel University with a degree in B.S. Civil Engineering.


Mariano R. Ong Ante Jr.
Lelecita A. Ong Ante - VICE CHAIRMAN
Peter Linus A. Ong Ante - DIRECTOR/SECRETARY
Pierre Lawrence A. Ong Ante - DIRECTOR
Paulinius A. Ong Ante - DIRECTOR
Patrick A. Ong Ante -DIRECTOR